Membership at CBP combines pre-paid private Pilates sessions and a variety of studio amenities, including self-service use of our studio library, and access to the private gym outside of training hours. The result: an environment that supports learning, individualized training, and increased health.

Becoming a member is a two step process:

Step 1: Intro visit. We schedule a 70-minute introductory visit with you for $80, plus tax. We include an assessment, a 55-minute training session and an orientation to our studio. We also use this time to identify your goals and review membership options.

Step 2: Membership.Our membership plans are designed to provide a valuable and rewarding experience while accommodating your budget, commitment level and schedule requirements.

. . .
CBP Membership Plan Afternoon Anytime
. . .
Studio Access & Scheduling Hours Weekdays: Noon to 6pm Mon-Sat: 5am to 9pm, Sun: 6am to 5pm
. . .
Per Session Price Range $55 to $65 $60 to $80
0. . .
Studio Amenities, including:


Secure studio access via key fob / wallet card
Cardio equipment (elliptical, rowing, bike, treadmill)
Bench, free weights, mat area and assorted props
Laundered towel service
Shower / dressing room
Online appointment scheduling
Outlook/Gmail calendar integration
Appointment confirmation & account status emails
CBP Reference Library of Books & DVDs
. . .

This table represents a summary of our membership plans. Additional details are provided at your intro visit. Use our online scheduler to book your introductory session now. Or call us at 206-709-2673. We look forward to meeting you!