Our Approach to Barre

Conscious Body Pilates is excited to offer Barre classes! Unlike popular franchise barre studios, our workouts are fresh and original—always the product of our unique approach to fitness and never cookie cutter. There are numerous variations of this workout, but essentially barre incorporates the ballet barre for stretching and classic ballet moves like plié (a vertical squat) and releve (a calf raise) to tone the lower body, utilizes a squishy ball for inner thigh and core work, and hand weights to sculpt and tone the arms. Our Pilates emphasis is ever-present, so attention to proper biomechanics will keep you safe without sacrificing the burn. You’ll love the way you feel and quickly see the results of this effective workout! The close attention of our talented instructors will keep you in top form and hip, upbeat music will motivate and inspire you. We don’t follow a prescribed playlist or workout method, so you’ll always experience something new.

Summer packages are now available. Click here to browse the schedule and book your class. Reservations are being accepted now for classes beginning August 11th. Space Is limited 8 participants. Call 206-709-2673 for more information.