Seattle Pilates StudioConscious Body clients enjoy a Pilates studio environment that is:


Top of the line equipment and props for Pilates, personal training and cardiovascular exercise. Ample floor space, mats, and props for guided or self-paced stretching and workouts.


The entrance to the studio is locked at all times. Key fobs allow access to active clients and staff.


We promote health and safety with regular professional cleaning, hand-sanitizers and towel service.


Warm colors, natural light, high ceilings and an open floor plan. Conditioned and dehumidified air. A private bathroom and separate shower/dressing room.


Pilates training engages your body and your mind. So we eliminate most of the audible and visible distractions commonly found at a club or a gym, like background music, cable TV and group classes. It’s not a library, though. We smile a lot more here!


Our business plan is based on attracting and retaining a small population of clients who visit the studio frequently.