How can I introduce a potential Pilates for Business client to CBP? Here are some options: 1. Download our brochure and send it to the person most responsible for employee wellness at the company you’d like to introduce. Depending on the company, this person’s title might be Wellness Program Manager, Head of Human Resources or CEO. 2. We also have a short “just the facts” email template to help you share Pilates For Business with friends and colleagues. Just complete the form on the right and we’ll send it to you. What happens after I make an introduction? We will contact the company and offer a free consultation. This will typically include a tour of potential floorspace, a review of our services and discussion of program logistics. Is Pilates for Business only for big companies? Pilates for Business is for any company committed to attracting, developing and retaining health-conscious employees. The benefits to employers include lower costs, greater productivity and higher morale. Source: “What’s the Hard Return on Employee Wellness Programs?” Harvard Business Review, December 2010. Is Pilates for Business only for employees who are already physically fit? This is an excellent question, and the answer is NO. Pilates for Business is for any employee who wants to take positive and effective steps toward greater health and vitality. Whether the format is a group class, a private session or a video on the employee intranet, our instructors teach exercise variations to suit all fitness levels. Also, we are committed to providing a safe, supportive and fun environment for all students. We want them to keep coming to class! So we promote a zero-judgment, “focus on my own mat” atmosphere in everything we do. If someone receives free Pilates sessions for introducing a company to CBP, is that a bribe? We don’t see it that way. But, we understand how an employer might. And we don’t want a well-intentioned wellness incentive to somehow cast the recipient, or CBP, in a negative light. As an alternative, we will be glad to make a donation to a registered charity, in lieu of free Pilates sessions.