Exclusive Offer for CBP Clients
Up to 6 Months Free Pilates CBP recently launched on-site Pilates programming to Seattle-area companies. Now, we’d like your help getting the word out. You know from experience that a regular Pilates practice is a gift that gives back. With this exclusive offer for CBP clients, you can help us share that gift, and get more of it for yourself!

Offer Details

When you introduce a company to our Pilates for Business service, we’ll add 7 private Pilates sessions to your CBP account. Each month that client stays with us, we’ll add 5 more sessions to your account, up to a total of 27 sessions. That’s six months of private Pilates sessions if you train once per week! Think how good you’ll feel. Regular Pilates sessions will strengthen your body and mind. And your spirit will soar because somewhere nearby, busy professionals are enjoying Pilates. All because of you! Questions? Click here for FAQs.