If you’ve decided to bring Pilates-based fitness into your home or organization, well done! You’ve made increased health and well-being a priority. We salute your commitment! Because let’s face it: this isn’t something you have to do. And common sense tells us that when something optional is also tedious or complex, it falls down the priority list. That’s where we come in. We’ve learned what attracts people to Pilates, and how it becomes a fixture in their lives. The knowledge and expertise we’ve gained can save you time, money, and frustration. Here are some ways we can help:

Studio Design

An inviting and functional training environment is vital to commitment and follow-through. Our clients tell us how much they enjoy our studio environment. It’s no accident. We work hard to create a space that clients want to visit. So we carefully consider color choices, lighting, flooring, air quality, ambient noise, storage, equipment, the use (or non-use) of technology, traffic flow, and many other details. We help you create a space that inspires.

Fitness Industry Marketing

Opening or acquiring a fitness business? Can you identify your most profitable customer segments? Do you have a plan to unify your brand identity, content, products, pricing, retail and online presence, recruiting, and other aspects of your customer experience? We can help you build and implement a marketing and operations strategy that delivers new customers and revenue, predictably and profitably.


Strengthen the core of your group with practical and technical knowledge from our experts. We are available to speak to your employees, trade association, Board of Directors, webinar audience, or any established group on topics around core strength, stability, health and wellness. We can customize one of our existing presentations, or work with you to develop content specific to your group.