Pilates for Business

Pilates for BusinessA healthy bottom line results from many smart choices.

Attracting and retaining health-conscious employees is a smart choice. When people feel strong in their bodies, they do better work.

Conscious Body Pilates is a five-year-old, Seattle-based company offering full-service Pilates programming to companies and their employees.

Why Pilates for your business?

Pilates is safe and effective for targeted strengthening, stress reduction and injury prevention. And, Pilates is fun for people of all ages and abilities!

- No special equipment required, just a spare conference room or unused floor-space will work

- A focus on the “core” reduces stress to the neck, shoulders and back

- Increased mind-body awareness improves breathing, balance and postural alignment

- Anyone can do it, no matter their age or fitness level

Why CBP?

- Expert instructors with 5+ years of experience training a professional client base

- Convenient online tools for employees (scheduling, calendar integration, email reminders, check-in)

- Tools to measure program utilization and employee satisfaction

- Relationship manager dedicated to program success

- Optional help with space planning, logistics and internal marketing to increase awareness

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