CBP Team

Conscious Body Pilates is a family-run business owned by longtime members of the Seattle community.

We hire and retain trainers who possess:

1. Strong technical acumen in Pilates and personal training.

2. High emotional intelligence to work effectively with clients towards their goals.

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Heather Scearce, Founder and Owner

Heather Scearce
Heather Scearce is a STOTT certified Pilates Instructor and the founder of Conscious Body Pilates. Heather directs all membership, client services, and recruiting activities for the business. She began her practice in 1998 after a car accident left her with a severe back injury. Pilates was an essential part of her rehabilitation and full recovery. After a career in corporate training, she decided to pursue her Pilates certification at Bodycenter Studios in Seattle, WA and was certified in the Fall of 2006. She then opened Conscious Body Pilates in March 2007 in the Madison Valley / Madison Park area. Because of her positive experience with Pilates during her own pregnancy and recovery, she decided to specialize in prenatal and post-partum Pilates. She also teaches clients with a variety of needs from beginner through advanced, injured and non-injured. In January 2008, 10 months after opening, CBP expanded into a larger space in Madrona. Since then, the studio has evolved into a unique Pilates and personal training studio, adding to its team of talented, certified instructors, and offering a wider variety of services, including personal training focusing on core-fitness.

Heather’s goal as both an instructor and studio owner is to provide the highest quality of Pilates and personal training instruction to people of all needs and abilities. She finds great satisfaction in being able to improve the quality of life for her clients. Heather holds a B.A. in Cultural Anthropology from the University of Washington.

Taylor Brooks, Client Relations Manager and Instructor

Taylor Brooks
In her work at Conscious Body Pilates, Taylor’s role is to enhance overall fitness and well-being in both the lives of individuals and the culture of local companies. Having worked at a traditional desk job her first year out of college, Taylor understands the challenges of being sedentary over eight hours a day, and the toll it can take on the body. With the introduction of regular movement into her own work day, Taylor noticed a significant decrease of stiffness and pain, and an increase in overall health and productivity. With the launch of CBP’s Pilates for Business program, Taylor is pleased to assist others in experiencing the same benefits of workplace wellness. As an instructor, Taylor is STOTT trained through Bodycenter Studios in Seattle. She first began teaching Pilates while in college at Washington State University, where she earned her Bachelor’s degree in Humanities. Through her personal practice and instructor training, Taylor has discovered many benefits to Pilates, including an increase in physical strength, balance and coordination, as well as a sense of mental clarity – which is so important in today’s fast paced world. Taylor’s passion for teaching lies in promoting this sense of well-being in the lives of others, whether at work or in the studio.


Diana discovered Pilates as a way to keep herself strong and injury-free so that she could continue her work as a dancer and choreographer. She completed her mat Pilates teacher training in Chicago in 2003 and furthered her studies in Authentic Pilates with Carla Barragán in Seattle in 2005. She received her full Pilates certification at Vitality Pilates and completed her Yoga training at SHAKTI Vinyasa Yoga in Seattle in 2008-2009. Since joining Conscious Body, she has also integrated the STOTT Pilates method into her teaching, allowing her to draw from both classical and contemporary approaches. Diana’s 20 years of professional dance training (ballet and modern dance) gives her an expert eye for movement. Her Yoga background also allows her to integrate effective Yoga stretches into her client’s workouts. She is a patient and thoughtful instructor and enjoys working with beginners, prenatal and post-partum moms, people who work for long hours at their desks, as well as more advanced clients such as dancers and athletes. She holds a Master in Fine Arts in Dance Education and Choreography from the University of Washington, a BFA in Graphic Design and a professional ballet degree from the Royal Academy of Dancing. She is the Co-Founder of DAIPAN Butoh Collective, and enjoys collaborating with artist of many disciplines to create solo dances that integrate western (modern dance) and eastern (Japanese Butoh) forms of dance. When not teaching or performing, she enjoys spending time with her husband Andres.


Nina has been teaching Pilates in Seattle for more than 10 years. After a back injury and the birth of her third child, she began studying Pilates for self-rehabilitation. Motivated by that success, she became certified through the STOTT Pilates Instructor Training Program. Nina works with a diverse range of clients providing personal guidance in helping them identify and meet their fitness and wellness goals. She tailors her approach to the specific needs of the individual and works extensively with issues relating to scoliosis, osteoporosis and basic menopausal core instabilities. Through personal experience, she is motivated by the potential of Pilates to restore and revitalize the body and mind in all stages of life.


Penny is a STOTT Certified Instructor for Pilates matwork. She received her mat certification in 2003 from Bodycenter Studios in Fremont and has taught classes at various studios and gyms throughout Seattle for 3 years. Along with being a Pilates Instructor, Penny is also a metal sculpture artist and shows her work in local galleries. She is an avid kiteboarder and recently received her instructor certification. Penny’s energy and passion for living a healthy, active life are what drive her to teach and share her love of the Pilates method with others.

Erin, Marketing Intern

With our ever-growing client base and program expansion, comes the need for someone to get the word out – and Erin is just the girl for the job!

Erin will be fulfilling many of our Public Relation and Marketing needs. From social media to rewards programs, she’ll be driving her excited and ambitious attitude through each project with us. A Minnesota native, Ms. Bednarz has lived in Seattle for 4 years and recently joined the Madrona neighborhood. She’s got a vibrant background in the restaurant and theater scenes in Seattle and is ready to familiarize herself in the fitness world as well.