CBP Team

Conscious Body Pilates is a family-run business owned by longtime members of the Seattle community.

We hire and retain trainers who possess:

1. Strong technical acumen in Pilates and personal training.

2. High emotional intelligence to work effectively with clients towards their goals.

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Heather Scearce, Founder and Owner

Heather Scearce

Heather Scearce is certified as a STOTT PILATES® Instructor and the founder of Conscious Body Pilates. Heather directs all membership, client services, and recruiting activities for the business. She began her practice in 1998 after a car accident left her with a severe back injury. Pilates was an essential part of her rehabilitation and full recovery. After a career in corporate training, she decided to pursue her Pilates certification at Bodycenter Studios in Seattle, WA and was certified in the Fall of 2006. She then opened Conscious Body Pilates in March 2007 in the Madison Valley / Madison Park area. Because of her positive experience with Pilates during her own pregnancy and recovery, she decided to specialize in prenatal and post-partum Pilates. She also teaches clients with a variety of needs from beginner through advanced, injured and non-injured. In January 2008, 10 months after opening, CBP expanded into a larger space in Madrona. Since then, the studio has evolved into a unique Pilates and personal training studio, adding to its team of talented, certified instructors, and offering a wider variety of services, including personal training focusing on core-fitness.

Heather’s goal as both an instructor and studio owner is to provide the highest quality of Pilates and personal training instruction to people of all needs and abilities. She finds great satisfaction in being able to improve the quality of life for her clients. Heather holds a B.A. in Cultural Anthropology from the University of Washington.



Danica Johnson

Bryn has experienced first-hand the way that Pilates can change one’s way of life both physically and emotionally. An Orcas Island native, Bryn grew up dancing and playing sports, giving her a natural sense of body awareness. Bryn was inspired by her parents’ healing journey through Pilates. Her mother looked to Pilates to support her through weight-loss and injury rehabilitation and her father took up Pilates to improve his golf game. She was inspired to pursue it as a career and enrolled in the STOTT PILATES® certification program at Bodycenter Studios.  As a new mom, Pilates has also become an essential part of her own health and wellness. She enjoys working with clients of all fitness levels, tailoring each session to meet her clients’ individual needs. She looks forward to helping people of all abilities to improve their core strength, balance, and flexibility and to gain an overall sense of well being.




Lauren DeHerrera recently relocated to Seattle from Salt Lake City, UT where she received her training as a STOTT PILATES® instructor from Intermountain Pilates Training Center.

Dance has always played a significant role in her life; she studied both modern dance and ballet at Ballet West Academy in Salt Lake City and the Joffrey Ballet School in New York City. Her interest in movement led her to explore other practices including Yoga and Pilates. Lauren enjoys helping people with a range of abilities from beginners to athletes as she endeavors to expand her skills and knowledge through continuing studies in injury rehabilitation. Her other passions include Art and Art History, which she studied at the University of Utah where she received her MA in 2014. When not teaching Pilates, Lauren works at a fine art gallery in downtown Seattle. In her free time, you’ll also find her at the dance studio, farmers market, or hiking in the forest with her cat.




Lynn grew up dancing in Southeast Michigan, where she gained a love for the art of body movement. It wasn’t until college, when she pursued a degree in modern dance at Wayne State University, that she discovered the benefit of Pilates. The balance of muscle groups, focus on alignment, priority of lengthening the muscles, and neural-muscular connection that Pilates provides helped strengthen her dance technique in amazing ways. After graduating, Lynn moved to Seattle to pursue her dance career. Lynn has taught in many different environments – from dance studios, to gyms, to clients’ homes, and is currently continuing her full STOTT PILATES® certification training at Bodycenter Studios. Along with training fellow dancers, Lynn is very interested in working with and empowering people with neuro-muscular disorders, such as MS and Parkinson’s, as well as those who want to preserve their bodies and keep moving as they get older. She has seen first-hand what letting the body decline looks like and would like to help her clients fight that, allowing them to live long, healthy lives. Lynn is excited to connect people of all ages and abilities with their bodies through this mindful and necessary practice, and hopes to see empowered, stronger and happier people as a result.




Nancy has always had a compelling curiosity in movement and a deep interest in holistic health. In 2008, as the stresses of her modern life increased, she found solace in the deepening of her personal yoga and Pilates practice.  She quickly awakened the insight necessary to realize her destiny of loving what she does while supporting others choose a healthier and more fulfilling life by becoming a wellness expert.  Nancy began an extensive self-study and rapidly grew a tenacious passion for educating herself about the miracle of the human body, mind and spirit and how to thrive on all levels.  She decided to make a dramatic career shift, quit her job in the retail world, and enrolled in and completed the Instructor Certification Program at Vitality Pilates, while also training at the Samarya Center for her yoga teacher certification, and becoming certified as a personal trainer from the National Academy of Sports Medicine.  Nancy has used these healing practices to heal and transform her own body and life after spinal and brain injury from several auto accidents that left her in debilitating pain and mental anguish.

Nancy studies with local and internationally known master teachers, and relies strongly on her own personal practice and intuition to influence her teaching. Her teaching incorporates a strong knowledge of alignment and sequencing to ensure safety while allowing students to develop to their full capacity in the exercises. She encourages students to work at their own pace in a comprehensive and compassionate environment while also challenging them to move beyond their perceived limitations ultimately unveiling the innate loving energy that transforms and heals each of us from within.  She is passionate and devoted to living and breathing wellness, and is grateful to share these transformative practices of empowerment with her clients, students, and friends. She is excited to be joining the team at Conscious Body Pilates.




Nina has been teaching Pilates in Seattle for more than 10 years. After a back injury and the birth of her third child, she began studying Pilates for self-rehabilitation. Motivated by that success, she became certified through the STOTT PILATES® Instructor Training Program. Nina works with a diverse range of clients providing personal guidance in helping them identify and meet their fitness and wellness goals. She tailors her approach to the specific needs of the individual and works extensively with issues relating to scoliosis, osteoporosis and basic menopausal core instabilities. Through personal experience, she is motivated by the potential of Pilates to restore and revitalize the body and mind in all stages of life.




As someone who came to Pilates later in life, Peyina has a deep appreciation for what it takes to recover from injuries or overcome limitations in movement. Peyina discovered Pilates after many years of working in a research job and again after the birth of her son. The wonderful transformations she experienced led her to obtain her instructor certification at Vitality Pilates so that she could dedicate her time to helping others regain strength, flexibility, and overall well being.

A meticulous and detail-oriented instructor, Peyina loves the precision of Pilates, with its focus on proper body mechanics and postural alignment. She enjoys working with a diverse range of body types and welcomes clients of all fitness levels, ages, and abilities to find greater enjoyment in all their activities—whether it be sports or daily life.

Peyina continues to hone her skills through continuing education workshops on the Integrative Movement System, Applied Movement Neurology, and sessions with 2nd generation “Pilates elders” (those trained by first generation students of Joseph Pilates), including Chris Robinson, MeJo Wiggin, and Lori Coleman-Brown. She is also working towards her 200-hr yoga teacher training certification. When not busy teaching or practicing, she enjoys spending time with her husband and son.




Born and raised in Seattle, Rachel found her love for Pilates three years ago while living in Southern California. During an emotionally challenging time of her life she discovered Pilates and all of its healing benefits, both physical and mental. While spending last spring in Spain, living with her sister, she continued to do Pilates and realized how important and therapeutic it had become for her in her everyday life. That was when she decided to change the course of her life, both career as a speech therapist and home in California, to move to back to Seattle and train to become a Pilates instructor. While her work as a speech therapist has been rewarding, she wanted to expand that concept to the mind/body connection and share the powerful feeling she found through her Pilates practice. Rachel has traveled the world, immersing herself in new cultures, meeting new people, and through these experiences has learned many valuable skills that help her easily connect with people from all walks of life.

Currently completing her full STOTT PILATES® certification at Bodycenter Studios, Rachel feels more passionate about the profession as she learns about the human body and its capabilities. She believes that Pilates is for everyone and enjoys programming individual exercise programs to suit each client’s needs and helping them achieve their unique goals. Whether the goal is increasing overall strength and flexibility, preventing or rehabilitating injury, or working in conjunction with other exercise programs like strength training, dancing, or tennis, she looks forward to helping her clients realize all of the wonderful benefits Pilates has to offer!