CBP Team

Conscious Body Pilates is a family-run business owned by longtime members of the Seattle community.

We hire and retain trainers who possess:

1. Strong technical acumen in Pilates and personal training.

2. High emotional intelligence to work effectively with clients towards their goals.

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Heather Scearce, Founder and Owner

Heather Scearce

Heather Scearce is certified as a STOTT PILATES® Instructor and the founder of Conscious Body Pilates. Heather directs all membership, client services, and recruiting activities for the business. She began her practice in 1998 after a car accident left her with a severe back injury. Pilates was an essential part of her rehabilitation and full recovery. After a career in corporate training, she decided to pursue her Pilates certification at Bodycenter Studios in Seattle, WA and was certified in the Fall of 2006. She then opened Conscious Body Pilates in March 2007 in the Madison Valley / Madison Park area. Because of her positive experience with Pilates during her own pregnancy and recovery, she decided to specialize in prenatal and post-partum Pilates. She also teaches clients with a variety of needs from beginner through advanced, injured and non-injured. In January 2008, 10 months after opening, CBP expanded into a larger space in Madrona. Since then, the studio has evolved into a unique Pilates and personal training studio, adding to its team of talented, certified instructors, and offering a wider variety of services, including personal training focusing on core-fitness.

Heather’s goal as both an instructor and studio owner is to provide the highest quality of Pilates and personal training instruction to people of all needs and abilities. She finds great satisfaction in being able to improve the quality of life for her clients. Heather holds a B.A. in Cultural Anthropology from the University of Washington.




Alice Argosino is STOTT Pilates Mat and Reformer certified as well as being an AFAA certified group exercise instructor and personal trainer. Alice’s love and passion for fitness infects all areas of her expertise. She believes fitness should be challenging but fun. Her broad spectrum of certifications include BOSU, Barre, TRX, HIIT, Tabata, Dance, Spin, and Kickboxing. The latter earned her first place in a national competition two years in a row. Alice has represented Nordstrom, Speedo, Power Bar, Adidas and many others in the fitness arena, demonstrating the power of health and exercise. Not only does she fill her days with training and teaching, but many evenings she also takes to the ice and plays a mean game of hockey. Fitness saturates her family as well. Alice is a mother of four girls, three of whom play roller derby. Alice volunteers her time to teach the derby girls off track conditioning. She understands the trials of weight loss and the frustration many encounter attempting to begin or even continue a regime, having gained 60 pounds with each pregnancy and yet, losing it as well. Alice is dedicated to her clients and offers support and encouragement every step of the way.



Danica Johnson

Danica Johnson, a native Washingtonian, became a devoted yogini in her mid-twenties. After struggling with intense anxiety for years, she started taking yoga and yogalates classes at her local studio in Washington DC, where she lived and worked on federal poverty policy. As her practice deepened, her anxiety lessened immensely, and her profound love for yoga grew.

After three years of practicing (mostly vinyasa and dharma) yoga, a cross-country move back to her home state, and encouragement from dear friends, Danica decided to enroll in a yoga teacher training course. Because she is an avid traveler and has many ties to Spain, she chose to train with Vidya Jacqueline Heisel of Frog Lotus Yoga in Andalucía.

Danica aims to spread the love and light that she experiences during practice to everyone she teaches through a compassionate and energetic vinyasa style. She works with her students to cultivate self-love, presence, and body appreciation.




Emilie discovered Pilates in college and fell in love with its holistic approach. She continued taking Pilates classes after college while working in sales and marketing. Pilates helped balance the sedentary desk job and traveling for work. She decided to train as a STOTT PILATES® Instructor to help others realize better body awareness and live a more balanced life. Her priority is to help clients achieve their goals through a well-rounded whole body workout. Her sessions focus on gaining strength, building lean muscle, improving posture and moving more efficiently. Emilie came to the Pacific NW from Germany as a teenage exchange student 13 years ago and has made it her home ever since. In her free time she enjoys traveling, hiking and cooking.


Heather Lynn


Heather Lynn always knew that she wanted a career involving movement where she could help others appreciate what their bodies are capable of doing. She is in the University of Washington doctor of physical therapy program. She decided to make this career move because she really enjoys working one-on-one doing rehabilitation as a Pilates Instructor. Heather Lynn strives to help each client discover that their body can be more than a transportation device for them to inhabit; instead their body can make their life more fulfilling. She received her STOTT PILATES® and Total Barre Certifications at Bodycenter Studios.She is very passionate about Pilates and plans to continue to use Pilates once she becomes a physical therapist.

Heather Lynn developed her love of movement as a dancer. She trained for 14 years in ballet and performed as a semi-professional salsa, ballet, and modern dancer.She is excited to start a new salsa beginner series in early 2015 at CBP. Her background as a dance teacher has provided her with the skills to demystify movements and find an explanation that makes sense to each individual. With this approach, she enjoys creating specialized treatment/training programs tailored to her clients’ goals: No Pilates session is ever the same.




Melissa is a STOTT Pilates instructor and running coach who is passionate about working with runners, triathletes, cyclists, as well as Pilates students of all abilities. She enjoys this work not because it is her job, but because it is her passion. It is because of this passion that  all of her students can rely on her commitment and assurance that they will receive the most professional and highest quality of instruction each and every time. Most recently, Melissa was a Pilates instructor and a running coach at Stanford University for the Health Improvement program with the School of Medicine in Palo Alto, CA. In addition, she worked for the Google Corporation in Mountain View, CA, where she taught Pilates reformer and mat classes. She and her husband now live in Seattle with their two children. Melissa will be offering both group mat and reformer classes along with private instruction. She is excited to be joining the team at Conscious Body Pilates!




Nancy has always had a compelling curiosity in movement and a deep interest in holistic health. In 2008, as the stresses of her modern life increased, she found solace in the deepening of her personal yoga and Pilates practice.  She quickly awakened the insight necessary to realize her destiny of loving what she does while supporting others choose a healthier and more fulfilling life by becoming a wellness expert.  Nancy began an extensive self-study and rapidly grew a tenacious passion for educating herself about the miracle of the human body, mind and spirit and how to thrive on all levels.  She decided to make a dramatic career shift, quit her job in the retail world, and enrolled in and completed the Instructor Certification Program at Vitality Pilates, while also training at the Samarya Center for her yoga teacher certification, and becoming certified as a personal trainer from the National Academy of Sports Medicine.  Nancy has used these healing practices to heal and transform her own body and life after spinal and brain injury from several auto accidents that left her in debilitating pain and mental anguish.

Nancy studies with local and internationally known master teachers, and relies strongly on her own personal practice and intuition to influence her teaching. Her teaching incorporates a strong knowledge of alignment and sequencing to ensure safety while allowing students to develop to their full capacity in the exercises. She encourages students to work at their own pace in a comprehensive and compassionate environment while also challenging them to move beyond their perceived limitations ultimately unveiling the innate loving energy that transforms and heals each of us from within.  She is passionate and devoted to living and breathing wellness, and is grateful to share these transformative practices of empowerment with her clients, students, and friends. She is excited to be joining the team at Conscious Body Pilates.




Nina has been teaching Pilates in Seattle for more than 10 years. After a back injury and the birth of her third child, she began studying Pilates for self-rehabilitation. Motivated by that success, she became certified through the STOTT PILATES® Instructor Training Program. Nina works with a diverse range of clients providing personal guidance in helping them identify and meet their fitness and wellness goals. She tailors her approach to the specific needs of the individual and works extensively with issues relating to scoliosis, osteoporosis and basic menopausal core instabilities. Through personal experience, she is motivated by the potential of Pilates to restore and revitalize the body and mind in all stages of life.




Peyina Lin received her certification at Vitality Pilates in 2014 and has taught group reformer and Private sessions since 2013. She aims at creating enjoyable sessions, tailoring each to clients’ unique needs, and helping them move safely beyond limitations.  Peyina’s background is in Information Science and Management. She holds a Ph.D. in Information Science from the University of Washington. She recently attended trainings and seminars with Chris Robinson, Mejo Wiggin, Lori Coleman-Brown and Dorothee VandeWalle at Metropolitan Pilates in March 2015. She says, “Pilates continues to change my life. I want to bring this positive change to young and old, even those would not think such change is possible.” She is also interested in developing a Pilates for Youth Program and hopes to launch it at a local Chinese School’s summer program in July 2015. She is excited to be bringing her passion for pilates to the team at Conscious Body Pilates.




Rebecca Salsman is a outdoor enthusiast who is passionate about bio-mechanics. She began teaching yoga in 2010 while completing her B.S. in Rehabilitation. Drawing from both her life as an athlete and experience with the disability community, she appreciates teaching to all body types and recognizes individual needs. Her instruction promotes breath pairing, precision, and subtleties without losing sight of the big picture. Rebecca is inspired by the Anusara principles of alignment, the eight limbs of yoga as outlined by Patanjali, and the playful movement and creativity of acroyoga.  She believes yoga to be a powerful tool in finding greater mobility, stability, and peace. Rebecca is pursuing a license in Occupational Therapy and hopes further integrate yoga and medicine.